Shagbark Hickory (Potted Seedlings – Spring/Summer 2022)


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We source our seed each fall from some of the best shagbark hickory cultivars for nut production – all from Grimo Nut Nursery. This ensures that the seedling trees you buy have the highest chance of producing high yields of top-notch nuts. Our nursery might be new on the block, but the orchards that we get our seed from are certainly not!

WE DO NOT SHIP POTTED PLANTS. Potted plants are available for pick-up between May-July, depending on species and variety. Two pick-up locations will be available: Prairie du Chien, WI & Champaign, IL.

All potted plants are grown in 4″x4″ square pots that are 9.5″ tall, specifically selected to develop a good root system on the plants.